Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PETA knows breast

In totally unrelated news, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and all restaurants in Switzerland will soon declare bankruptcy.

Farm cows groan in pain.


Anonymous said...

whats it take to start one of those new dairys? I could recruit at the chicken wing place!


Don Dodson said...

I am a member of PETA. That's "People Eating Tasty Animals." Our motto is "Ethical treatment of animals means not putting ketchup on a good steak."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, me an' Dew could definitely run the milking operation...

With all the campaign and financial crises lately, it's great to hear some good news!

Anonymous said...

I guess it makes sense - Pam Anderson is a spokeschick for PETA, possibly could also be the top raw material producer for B&J.

Hey, this ice cream tastes like silicone!

Still, in an era of economic uncertainty, it would open another employment avenue to a large portion of the population.