Thursday, October 24, 2013

And here he is!

Everybody needs 3 dogs, right? The loss of my sweet Dori Belle definitely left a hole in my life but now, with the addition of this little guy, there is a hole in my slippers, my socks and 2 pairs of jeans. I didn't intend to get a clone of my big dog, Bo, but he does look a lot like him. He is 1/2 Border Collie, 1/2 Blue Heeler and 1/2 Australian Shepherd, or something like that. I was going to name him Deacon so I could make the joke about not being able to do something because I had a meeting with a Deacon, but that joke got pretty old pretty quick and the name just didn't flow out. The name that did flow out, though, was "Junior" and since he reminds me so much of Bo, I think I have settled on that. It's a very important decision when you go to name a dog and I didn't take it lightly. So, please welcome, in all his razor-teeth glory, the wild man poop machine himself...Junior Blair.


The Donald said...

Aww - he's a cute feller!

The Donald said...
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