Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Kohl's update

A while back I wailed and moaned on here about how Kohl's Department Store kept sending me flyers addressed to my ex-wife who has never lived at this address. Well, I'm back to wail and moan a little bit more. This picture is not a pic of all the flyers Kohl's has ever sent me. Oh, no! This is a pic of all the flyers they have sent me since the last time they promised to take me off the mailing list in March. I have called, mailed and emailed numerous people who always promise that they will take care of this problem and they are so sorry it has happened. Call me skeptical at this point but I went ahead and addressed my complaint on their Facebook page so we will give them a day or two to respond. I know you are dying to know so I will be sure to keep you updated.


The Donald said...

Not pictured - the flyer that I was gonna give you recently when we all met at Posado's (just in case Kohl's had turned off your supply).

In my frustration over the traffic I forgot to bring it into the restaurant.

Looks like I needn't have worried.

Dewey Taliaferro said...

Maybe I should stop registering with your info when I go to department stores......... Nah nevermind.