Saturday, November 03, 2012

No more Kohl's.

Last June I sent a nicely worded and understanding email to the address at the bottom of the Kohl's flyer that was sent to my house. Tonight, 5 months and dozens of flyers later, I screamed at some guy who probably lives in India to take me off the mailing list right now! I kept yelling at this poor guy to not put me on hold, don't transfer me or take a message. Don't send me to somebody else. Man up and hit the delete button over my ex-wife's name. The same ex-wife who has never lived at this address but to whom this junk mail is sent. *sigh* He gave me the corporate number to call between 8-5 CST M-F. Half a dozen emails, letters and phone calls over 5 months and still nothing. How hard can it be Mr. Kohl? Well, anyway, no more Kohl's for me.


The Donald said...

Ja, mein Freund, I can see zat you are still traumatized by zat last outing to ze shopping center...

DF Dr. Frood Dude

Dewey Taliaferro said...

Poor Todd,
Try on one pair of panty hose and he gets hounded forever.