Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Put the WEE! back in Halloween.

The older I get, the more I realize the less I understand. When I was a kid our church had a haunted house (in the church) at Halloween. We loved it. I know now that we can't do that any more. Too many people get offended by all that and so, in order to provide an option on Halloween, our church will have bounce houses, food and games at our "Fallfest". On October 31. With candy. People will dress up. Some will say, "Trick or Treat!". We don't celebrate Halloween any more though? In case you are one of the few we have successfully fooled with this let me explain. Ok, wait. This is the part I don't really understand. I asked somebody the other day why they believed we shouldn't celebrate Halloween. I told them I know all about its origins as All Hallows Eve and that this was the big day for Satan-worshippers and all that stuff. But if this is Satan's biggest day, I'm not impressed. I never hear anything about Satanists ever doing anything on Halloween. Can't we go back to calling what we do "Halloween"? Their response to my question was that we don't celebrate Halloween because it's not Biblical. Well, duh! Neither is Christmas nor Easter. Those were pagan traditions as well but when anybody tries to call their Christmas tree or Christmas party a Holiday Tree or Winter Celebration we are ready to clobber somebody in the name of the Lord. All I'm saying is that we're not really fooling anybody with this. Even the kids. It's supposed to be about the kids so do they have to keep wearing their Halloween costumes they bought at the Halloween store to get Halloween candy at the "Trunkfest"? Somebody help me understand.


The Donald said...

Wonder if you can rent the 'Bone Hauler' hearse for 'Trunkfest'?

Halloween used to be all kinds of fun when I was a kid (although we didn't have any orange decorations then, since everything was still in black-and-white). Folks didn't decorate up their yards with trinkets from China like today, but a few would clean out the garage and hang fishing line from the ceiling, and have you dip your hand into bowls of cooked macaroni, peeled grapes, and the like to simulate guts and eyeballs, etc.

We never thought of any of it being Satanic.

Anonymous said...

People look to head off trouble so much that they over regulate themsselves sometimes. Halloween being a perfect example. I grew up with carnivals and haunted houses and I didn't atke any of that seriously, it was just fun.


btw... your invited to our super-sacrificial sunday, bring a goat and some arsenic.