Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Thoughts cuz I'm bored

It's the worst storm in the history of the universe out there right now and all I can do is watch the news and look online so here are some of my thoughts.

Groundhog Day.  Is there any possible way we could waste any more time and resources on complete foolishness?  I can understand doing that once and having a good laugh about what we assume some filthy rodent saw, but every year?  Y'all are alot more bored than I am and I'm pretty bored.

All you people who have lived "up north" and want to come down here and rag on us for not knowing how to drive on the ice:  shut up.  Should I believe you know how to drive on ice or should I believe my lying eyes that see you skating around like arrogant fools?

Do we really need some news reporter to stand on bridges in the -90 degree wind chill and tell us how cold and windy it is?  That poor girl is going to get sick.  Get her inside and let her point out the window if they think we need to be told how cold it is.

Has anybody checked on New Orleans lately?  If it starts to snow over there I want to make sure we have plenty of schoolbuses lined up to carry those needy people somewhere where somebody else can do everything for them.  And if they get any ice on the ground we could be rebuilding that place for years.

I have alot to be thankful for.  I have an incredibly warm and quiet house with a huge fire in the fireplace, lots of blankets, plenty of hot chocolate (although I do need milk, like always), and more food than I could eat anytime soon.  If I can sit around all day and only find this stuff to complain about I guess I'm in pretty good shape, huh?


The Donald said...

If it gets really cold, no doubt you'll have Bo, Sara, and Dori-Belle snuggled up next to you to keep you warm - Three Dog Night!

Regarding the TV reporter coverage - I always enjoy the rerun of the WFAA Valeri Williams report. It's a classic!

Don Dodson said...

Just remember: anything that happens, no matter what it is, is caused by global warming. Two years ago the global warming fanatics were going bonkers over the fact that there was less snow than usual. They hysterically assured us that it was caused by global warming. Now when there is more snow, that's also caused by global warming. I'm sure that the Chicago Bear's loss to the Packers was also due to global warming.

The Donald said...

The Groundhog, Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore - just a small sampling of how easily, and uncritically, the modern populace can be entertained/distracted, while society is going south in a handbasket.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm from the North, and I will be the first one to agree I don't do well driving on ice. However I do know not to speed or cut in front of someone and then apply the brakes. I do sort of wonder when I see you Texans are ok with sitting around waiting for ice to melt in 10 degree weather instead of getting it off the roads. I'm still not familiar with what a bucket of sand does for 2 inch thick ice on the road but if it works for you, I won't say a word. Oh, and if I would have know you had hot chocolate I would have slid my way to your house!

todd said...

Not sure I want a Yankee in my house drinking up all my hot chocolate!