Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello Allah!!

They never heard the shots but two Taliban machine gunners in Afghanistan felt the sweet relief of death from the hands and rifle of Craig Harrison in November 2009. According to American Rifleman and several internet sources, this British sniper set a new world record by "dispatching" two insurgents from a distance of 2,707 yards. Yes, that's over 27 football fields and yes, he made that shot twice! Two shots, two kills, two world records. And by "dispatching" I mean DRT Dead Right There. He was using an Accuracy International AWM in .338 Lapua Mag. That shot is over a mile and a half with a weapon with an effective range of about 1500 yards. Breath, squeeze, wait 6 seconds, dead guy. Breath, squeeze, wait 6 more seconds, another dead guy.

"Hello, Allah, we are ready for our 72 virgins! Hey, wait, you're not Allah..."


The Donald said...

Ha! I thought that story looked familiar - was just reading my AR about an hour ago.

The other night the 24 year old college student sporting goods guy at Wal-marts, who looks 17 and says he was previously in the army, was telling me I needed a Barrett .50 BMG...at about $12K. Umm, yeah, might have to put that on layaway. I told him at the time, well, maybe the .338 Lapua would be a good runner up, huh?

Looks like Household Cavalry Cpl. Harrison pretty much validated that opinion, to the point of removing the 'runner-up' qualifier.

Looks like you've re-decorated the blog site, no?

Anonymous said...

True, my sons, and these are not virgins.

- Fake non-Allah

todd said...

Don, anything shooting the .338 Lapua Mag is not gonna be cheap either. Not to mention the price of ammo. And I don't know if the Haltom City Gun Club would have a place to fully test out its capabilities.

The Donald said...

You know I was drooling over that Rossi Ranch Hand lever action '92.

Of course, I'd have to get the bandolero to go with it - probably .45 Long Colt. It holds a plethora of ammunition.

That I could shoot at the HCRPC. Or at El Guapo.

Anonymous said...

Hello Allah, hello Faddah, here I am in...where is it we are again, Achmed?

Oh yeah, blown to bits!